If you’re just starting to plan the process of opening your own business, then you know how much work it is. Even when you have the right amount of money and all the business sense in the world, it still isn’t enough to run a business in most localities. Every business has a specific purpose which means it will deal with a certain industry and products within it. No matter what you are doing in your company, you will still need to acquire the correct permits so you don’t end up getting substantial fines or closed down completely.

Open Your Business

Even before you can open the doors to your new office, you still need to furnish some permits. Small business owners will first need to acquire a permit just to operate their business. This type of permit usually is found with the local city government where your store is located. Most of the time, you will need to get an additional business permit from the state as well. Most small businesses collect sales tax from customers, and this will render a sales tax permit necessary. Just to begin your business, all of these licenses will be necessary.

Serve the General Public

Anywhere you go, small business owners who serve the general public must have a permit issued by the local fire department to ensure it’s a safe place. Fire department inspectors must assess a property to determine the maximum amount of people who can safely be inside at one time. This will give the business a certificate of maximum occupancy. The fire officials will also thoroughly check your business and supplies to see if you use or sell anything hazardous. The fire department will also want to check your fire extinguishers, sprinklers, and fire alarms to make sure they are all in working order.

Sell Restricted Items

When small business owners run an establishment that sells alcohol or tobacco, then they will need the right kinds of permits to sell these from the state in which they do business. Alcohol sales permits can be for the sale of alcohol in sealed bottles, or it can be for open containers meant to be consumed on the property. The permit is based on where the alcohol will be ingested.

There are many other types of permits that business owners might need. Making thorough plans to acquire all the right permits is the best choice you can make.