A great leader never misses the chance to seize the opportunities that manifest when training, collaborating or working with their team. Make teachable moments where you can coach and inspire those that work for your brand. Even when you hire the best, there are always opportunities to learn and share information. 

Here are some coaching tips for owners, supervisors, and managers:

Consider the Investment versus the Return

Consider the long-term return on the investment that you make in coaching your staff or team. Make it a positive experience and think of it as another way to contribute to the overarching mission of your business. You can build a loyal staff with time and teaching- it comes down to whether you feel it is worth the investment of your time. 

Practice Does Make Perfect  

Keep it up and don’t lose faith in those that you are coaching. Your time is worth the efforts and practice does make perfect. Keep going through the motions and when a rival or competitor falters, your team will be better prepared to pick up the pieces and jump into action. Let the staff shine by showing them what to do and encouraging them to do it, as well. 

Give of Yourself  

Coaching is not something that you can simply ‘assign’ to someone else- at least, not if you want and expect protocols and practices that are specific to how you want to conduct your business. Be generous with your time and plan on giving of yourself to your talent- it will pay off multifold. Sure, it can feel as though you have spread yourself thin at times, but when you coach and prepare your team right, they will be able to pick up the slack and rise to the occasion when the times come. 

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